Journalists for Human Rights Holiday Giving Campaign

Thursday, May 3, 2018 is

World Press Freedom Day.

Give Voice. Make Change.


This month, starting World Press Freedom Day on May 3, Journalists for Human Rights (JHR) is celebrating press freedom around the world. 

JHR works worldwide to empower journalists to cover human rights stories objectively and effectively. Our goal is to Give Voice. Make Change. We're raising awareness and funds to empower journalists around the world including Indigenous journalists in Canada to speak up, tell their stories and have their voices heard.

Join us. Give Voice, Make Change.

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Stories from the Field 

Video Reporting for Journalism Students in the DRCongo

In March 2018 students of the Ecole Technique du Journalisme (ETJ) in Bukavu had the opportunity to participate in an intensive video reporting workshop. They were trained by journalists Margaret Flatley and Sylvie Weber on how to structure and edit video reports. Prince Murhula, Director of the ETJ said is very pleased the students are now able to make their own video reports in the field. Many female students participated and one of them, Henriette, says 'I am now able to film and make a documentary myself'. 


Youth finding their voices through video journalism in Northern Ontario


In Migisi Sahgaigan (Eagle Lake First Nation), Grade 3 to 6 students at Migisi Sahgaigan School are working with trainer Ryan Suzuki to document their community from the skies using footage from a drone. It’s a Nation whose fight to protect the land from resource development is ongoing. These students are becoming young leaders and presenting cultural values and an image of their community.

In Asubpeeschoseewagong Anishinabek (Grassy Narrows First Nation), Grade 7 and 8s at Sakatcheway Anishinabe School are reporting on community events and sharing them with their classmates, with help from trainer Elizabeth McSheffrey. Their interests are broad — from stories on wildlife to improving Internet access in school and at home.

These broadcasts are still in their early stages, but it’s clear these groups of youngsters have their own distinct style. Slowly but surely, youth in Migisi Sahgaigan and Grassy Narrows are finding their own voices through video journalism. Watch the video!


Hear from President and GM of CPAC and JHR Board Member Catherine Cano talks about the importance of journalism and reporting Indigenous stories. 


Syrian Teacher Mariam Launches Learning Centre


Watch the video below from JHR partner NASAEM RADIO  working on stories from Syria, this one about teacher Mariam who launched a learning centre for kids affected by the war.   


Listen to Lisa LaFlamme, anchor for CTV National News, speak about the need for journalism from uncovered parts of the world and the importance to tell the truth and inform people.


Making Change in South Sudan

Chief Editor of the Juba Monitor Anna Nimiriano and Editor of the Voice of Women Magazine Lily Batali talk about the urgency of press freedom and the need to cover human rights stories in South Sudan. Watch the video.


Hear from Jennifer Hollett, Head of News at Twitter Canada on why Journalists for Human Rights' work is so important. 


$25 will purchase new notebooks and pens for emerging reporters.

$50 will support materials for a JHR workshop.

$100 will support a field reporting mission for a local journalist. 



$500 will support a community journalist receive journalism training to share their story.